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The second semester of my freshman year I realized that there was a huge piece of my college experience that was missing, a sense of home. My best friend told me about this amazing sorority founded in Spokane called Alpha Pi Phi that she had joined and encouraged me to go to the meet and greet to find out what it was all about. Walking into the meet and greet I was welcomed by some of the most fun, bright and loving girls I could have asked for. I met the newly initiated Alpha class, and the inspirational founding sisters and was blown away by their
kinship and leadership. Seeing these women interact with each other and the love they had towards one another, I knew that I had just walked in to my home. Three years later, I am so thankful and honored to be the Iota Chapter’s 2019 – 2020 President.

We embrace our pillars of philanthropy, sisterhood, academics, and leadership by serving the Spokane community, planning events to bond and share time with one another, studying together and spending long nights preparing for exams, and are running for positions within the Sorority. Love, loyalty, and friendship are at the root of all things we do within the Spokane community.

Over the last three years, I have laughed until I cried, been guided through some of my hardest times with the helping hands of my sisters, and found a family that grows and continues to be my light at the end of the tunnel. The Iota Chapter made me a person I never thought I could be, and the woman I am today. Alpha Pi Phi is truly something so unique and magnificent that I will forever be grateful for. Welcome to the Iota Chapter of Alpha Pi Phi.

"the Iota chapter is a bunch of different types of gems, shining different colors and of all different sizes, but together, we shine so incredibly bright." – Emma Maier, Alpha Class

Baylee Robertson



Baylee Robertson I-041


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